Tulsa Founders Chorus Leadership

Tulsa Founders Chorus thrives in part because of the commitment of the people in leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our ensemble tick:



Chapter President - Doug Campbell

David Roberts has served the chapter twice as President, first in 2005 and currently in 2012-2014.  A fifteen year barbershopper and quartetter, David also sings baritone in the chorus.  He has been instrumental in putting the chorus on the path of improving its sound and championing a high level of performance quality as the best way of attracting talented singers from the Greater Tulsa area to join our ranks.  His choice of Mission Statement: "Seek, Develop, Use and Enhance the skills and talents of each member so that progress seems limitless" has been adapted by the chapter membership and adds to our Vision Statement "To become the most recognized men's accapella chorus in Eastern Oklahoma so as to provide the best possible environment and fun atmosphere for the continuous musical growth of our members, while experiencing the joy of perfoming four-part harmony primarily in the all-American barbershop style" makes it clear the the Chapter and the Founders Chorus is serious about its art.


Chapter Past President - Randy Hartman

Randy's leadership in 2011 was instrumental in placing the Chapter and Chorus on the path for improvement.  Working to restore the chorus' presence in the community, Randy worked to begin establishing relationships with other arts groups in the Greater Tulsa area.  Randy sings bass in the Founders Chorus.


Music Team

To Be Announced


Administrative Team

Chapter Treasurer, Adminstrative VP, Chorus Manager - Wally Loerch

Wally, a 41 year barbershopper, wears many hats in our chapter. As Treasurer he oversees the financial health and well being of our chapter.  As adminstrative Vice-President he makes sure that all the rules and regulations of the Barbershop Harmony Society are followed to the letter so that we can maintain our 501_c3 status.  As Chorus Manager he makes sure that members are kept up to date on matters that pertain to weekly rehearsals and our performance schedule.


Chapter Secretary - Doug Campbell

Doug, a 23 year barbershopper and Lead Section Leader serves as Chapter Secretary.  More than just keeping minutes of our monthly Board Meetings, he keeps the BHS appraised of leadership team changes and other communications vital to our chapter's status with the parent Society.


Marketing & Public Relations -Jan Skinner

Jan is a seasoned barbershopper having served in several chapters.  He retired to Tulsa after a successful sales career, took on the Marketing and P/R position and has been instrumental in securing new performance venues and partnerships with some locally high-profile arts and entertainment groups.  He has been instrumental in forging partnerships with our Tulsa area schools and their various vocal music departments so the the chapter can continue its public service as a music education group.  He also works with local print, radio and television media to advertise our chorus' public performances and community outreach projects.


Membership Development - Tom Pickard

Dr. Tom Pickard, a retired Osteopath, joined the chapter 27 years ago and has worn several hats over the years, including a recent two year stint as Chapter President.  His role as Membership Development VP is to set up Guest Nights and ensure that visitors are properly greeted and placed in the hands of the section leader and director for proper voice placement.  He also answers the myriad of questions visitors have about membership and other concerns.  His role is vital to the continued growth of our chapter.


Board Members at Large

Our 2014 At Large Board Members are Ben Teel, Tenor, and Dr Robert McCullough (Ret), Lead and a 53 year barbershopper.  Dr. Bob, as he's affectionately known is the son of one of our earliest members.  At Large members are the "representatives" of the chapter members, acting as their voice at board meetings.


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